Western Odisha boils in a sizzler

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Sambalpur, The atmospheric temperature is shooting high in most parts of Western Odisha region, as being felt hot soon after Mahabishub Sankranti yesterday. Thermometer recorded temperature above 40 degree Celsius at so many places in the region. Today’s temperature recorded 42 degree Celsius hereat Sambalpur, whereas it was 41.2 here, 40.9 at Hirakud, 41.4 at Jharsuguda, 41.0 at Bhawanipatna and 43.5 degree Celsius at Titilagarh yesterday. Roads and market places are giving almost a deserted look as people dare not venture outdoor due to this sudden rise in the atmospheric temperature. Such a situation prevails from 10 AM till 5 PM. Only a few people are found moving outdoor and those might be in the streets under duress of some urgent works. And the most deplorable aspect of the situation is that the commuters are deprived of drinking water as most of the roadside water kiosks are yet to be found functional baring a few here and there. Almost all the officials in the district administration including the Sambalpur Municipality Corporation are said to be preoccupied with election duty, so there is none to make the water kiosks functional. The state government has constructed several drinking water points at strategic points in the city area in the name and style of Amrutdhara, but most of them are found to be defunct due to poor maintenance and negligence. The pity is that the administration has stopped the grievance redressal system working in the name of election duty. Meanwhile the district administration had already conducted a district level consultative committee meeting last week to make it’s line officials aware of their duty in the ensuing harsh summer days and providing drinking water to people at large was in the top of the agenda. But the said meeting proved nothing better than just a routine work.


The only solace in the existing situation is that the weather department has predicted fall in atmospheric temperature and moderate blowing of breeze from tomorrow. People are eagerly waiting the natural relief that may sooth and save them from the scorching heat in the present harsh weather.

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